08.00-18.00 / departure with a boat from Pirovac or Vodice port

price includes: cruise with tourist boat, ticket for NP Kornati, aperitif, lunch (meat or fish), drink and tourist guide

National park Kornati is one of the most indented island groups on the Mediterranean, a unique cluster of 150 islands, islets and cliffs spread over the central part of the Adriatic Sea. It is the bluest corner of the Adriatic where the blue color of sea stands out even more in contrast with white-grey rocky ground which prevails on the islands. With its exceptionally clear sea, torrents of sunshine, numerous inlets, bays and small ports Kornati are a must destination for boaters on their wanderings over the Adriatic and the right choice for modern Robinsons. Since 1980 NP Kornati protects and guards the prettiest part of Croatian Adriatic Sea from the man and for humanity. Boundaries of the park enclose two thirds of the island group and cliffs carrying the common name of Kornati. The park covers an area of approximately 218 million m2 out of which 3/4 are sea and 1/4 islands, islets and cliffs.


One of the most impressing natural phenomena on Kornati are cliffs on the stretch of islands of Donji Kornati, which are facing open sea. Since ancient times cliffs have been called crowns (crown -corona) and that is probably the etymology of the name Kornati. The highest cliffs of Kornati are on the island of Klobučar (80 metres), on Mana (65 metres), on Raąip veli (64 metres) etc. Underwater extensions of these cliffs go as 100 metres deep.

Fotogalerija / Gallery

Izlet np kornati - brod
Izlet np kornati - brodska paluba
Izlet np kornati - brodska paluba
Izlet np kornati - pristanište kornati
Izlet np kornati - roštilj na brodu
Izlet np kornati - pramac
Izlet np kornati - hridi
Izlet np kornati - hridi
Izlet np kornati - pogled s brodske palube
Izlet np kornati - uvala Levrnaka
Izlet np kornati - pristanište Levrnaka