Island Prvić

/09.00-17.00 / departure from the waterfront where we take the boat to the island of Prvić

The price includes: cruise with tourist boat, visit to the Faust Vrancic memorial center, lunch, drink, tourist  guide

The departure is organized only for groups of guests.

Faust Vrančić (1551-1617)

Mythical person of Croatian history, Renaissance representative, polyhistoric, inventor, writer and lexicographer. The most famous, and in technical literature often mentioned, is his parachute construction – “Homo volans” (flying man) published in “Machinae Novae”. Another significant work is the multilingual dictionary “Dictionarium quinque nobilissimarum Europae linguarum”, one of the first vocabularies of this kind in the world

In Šepurina, on the north side right next to the new parish church, is its summer mansion. A very beautiful building is probably a work of a good architect of that time. Today there are living descendants of the Draganić-Vrančić family.

According to his wish, Faust Vrancic was buried in the church in Prvic Luka.

About the connections between Faust Vrancic and Pirovac family Draganić-Vrancic you can find at:

Memorial center faust vrančić

Memorial Centar Faust Vrancic in Prvić Luka was opened in 2012. It is dedicated to the first croatian lexicographer, great inventor and bishop Faust Vrančić.

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