Rent a bike

Rent a bike and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Vransko Lake and countless trails.

Bike rental for adults and children per hour or per day.

Equipment included in the price.


Cycling on Vrana Lake

If you are a nature lover, if you like long walks or enjoy a bike ride, here is a map which will make it all possible for you.

From the centre of Pirovac, the trail takes you towards Stankovci where you will have several possibilities.

  1. If after 4 km ride you turn to the left on the gravel road through olive-groves and vineyards, after only 4,5 km ride you will come close to the Vrana Lake. At the crossroads you can choose between two directions: The left one takes you to Prosika (3 km) and then 2 km along the Adriatic road (Jadranska magistrala), where you have to ride particularly carefully, back to Pirovac. If you take the road to the right which is longer you can come to Vrana (19 km) or Banjevci (5 km).


  1. If from Pirovac you take a road to Kašić (7 km) and ride through this place on a tarmac road to the crossroads (2 km) where you turn to the left, you will reach the lake from the north side through an interesting canyon.


  1. If from Pirovac you take a road to Banjevci (9 km) and ride through this place to Donji Bakovići (3 km) where the road ascends to the belvedere “Kamenjak” (2 km), you can enjoy the view of the Vrana Lake and of Komati Islands in front of you.

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