About Pirovac

A picturesque place at the Mediterranean where nature has intended to make happy all the human senses. It has offered the uniqueness of the sun and sunsets, the richness of the sea, rocks and stones. It has laced the secrets of the Mediterranean pine, vineyards and olive, laurels and figs, calms and mistrals into the unique melodious rhythm of nature. Together with Vodice and Primošten, Pirovac is the most important tourist place and the municipal centre.

How did Pirovac become what it is today?

Pirovac was mentioned for the first time in 1298. when the Bishopic of Šibenik was founded. At the locality an inhabited place with Mediterranean characteristics was found in 1505. the features of the stormy and rich history, of the values, both culture and monuments, has been preserved so far.

Pirovac is situated on the northern coast of the Bay of Pirovac, with its beautiful ancient face eternally turned towards the sun. Its bay is a natural phenomenon, 10km carved deep into stone and Mediterranean vegetation which mixes its fascinating smells with the primordial scents of the sea. It is adorned with the chain of natural beaches, sandy inlets and the mild sea – current, which brings here in summer the sea temperature 3-4°C above the average warmth of the Adriatic sea, washes mildly its shores. The view on the island of Sustipanac, an island like from fairy-tale, which is always different during the whole day, is offered to the eyes.

As well as the whole District of Šibenik, Pirovac lies on the palms of two national parks: the island paradise “Kornati” and the unique waterfalls “Krka”.

The southern arm of the Bay of Pirovac called “Makirina” is the natural beach with mud bath. That locality of the healing mud bath surpasses all the known localities in Croatia, thanks to its substance, quality and quantity. Its medical use is supposition for the real tourist boom. It is the locality of the healing mud in the size of 414.800 m3. Vransko jezero (Vrana Lake), an ideal place for the sports fishing, is situated 5 km north.

Thanks to the Adriatic highway Pirovac is connected with cultural – historical centers: Šibenik (22 km), Zadar (48 km), Trogir (85 km) and Split (108 km). The shortest way from the Adriatic coastline to Zagreb is through the traffic road Pirovac-Benkovac.

The accommodation is organized in the comfortable suites, rooms, camps, as well as in the tourist complex “Miran” (a hotel with villas and camp). The private restaurants, inns, taverns, pizzerias offer the gastronomic pleasures with the most famous Dalmatian specialties,  attractive cafes and the night-clubs offer programs along with the traditional “Summer of Pirovac”.

The summer nights of Pirovac full of serenades, beautiful narrow streets and small yards, the stone gates of the village. Stone, sea and olives, laurel, figs, wine and taverns will answer all your questions, they`ll take you to the unique adventure.

Have a nice holiday time!!!

We are looking forward to welcome you in Pirovac.