Underwater adventure

Excursion by semi-submarine in daytime and nighttime every 60 minutes from the main waterfront in Pakoštani.

With a semi-submarine, you can take a peek into the world of Pakoštan’s underwater world. You have a unique opportunity to get to know the marine world below the surface.
In the morning, suitable for children, you can enjoy a ride accompanied by a sea mermaid.
The departure is from the waterfront, the islet of Babuljaš, the island of Veli školj and the islet of Sv. Justin.
For an even more attractive experience, embark on a night ride under the spotlights.

Fotogalerija / Gallery

izlet polupodmornicom - Pristanište polupodmornice u Murteru
izlet polupodmornicom - Unutarnji prikaz polupodmornice
izlet polupodmornicom - Svjetionik
izlet polupodmornicom - Prikaz morskog gebena
izlet polupodmornicom - Prikaz dupina tijekom jednog od izleta polupodmornicom
izlet polupodmornicom - Prikaz vanjskog izgleda polupodmornice